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Scaling Climate Action in Aviation: Insights from Zaffra CEO, Jan Toschka

In late June, Zaffra CEO Jan Toschka participated in the Breakthrough Energy Summit and BCG’s pre-event in London, alongside luminaries such as Bill Gates, key stakeholders, and innovators from around the globe. The summit was a resounding success, focusing on the urgent need to think big and scale actions against climate change—a message underscored by HRH Prince William’s poignant closing speech on the event’s final day.

Key Messages and Insights

Toschka highlighted several critical takeaways, particularly relevant to aviation and Zaffra's mission:

The Imperative of Innovation in Energy Transition

The financial commitment required for the global energy transition is colossal, amounting to trillions of dollars. However, as Toschka emphasized, the cost of inaction would far surpass these investments. The concept of the "green premium"—the additional cost associated with low or zero carbon energy sources—needs to be eliminated. This is crucial to ensure that sustainable energy solutions are accessible to all, not just the economically privileged. Fortunately, advancements in various green industries have shown that costs can decrease rapidly with innovation.

Aviation's Path to Sustainability

For the aviation industry, achieving a "zero green premium" is the ultimate goal. Currently, sustainable flying often comes at a higher cost. Toschka acknowledged that reducing this cost will require concerted efforts and collaboration across the sector. However, he also pointed out a positive perspective: the incremental cost of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is likely to be less volatile than the fluctuations in ticket prices observed in recent years. This stability offers the industry and its customers a window of opportunity to adjust and adapt.

Future Directions

Looking ahead, Toschka expressed gratitude for the enlightening discussions at the summit and hinted at more to come. The commitment to innovation and collaboration remains pivotal for Zaffra and its partners as they continue to pioneer sustainable solutions in aviation and beyond.


The Breakthrough Energy Summit in London was not merely a gathering of minds but a catalyst for actionable insights and commitments. From challenging the status quo to envisioning a future of sustainable aviation, the event reinforced the importance of ambitious goals and collaborative efforts. Zaffra, under Jan Toschka's leadership, stands poised to contribute significantly to this transformative journey, ensuring that sustainability in aviation becomes not just a vision but a practical reality.

As we reflect on the discussions and outcomes of the summit, one thing is clear: the momentum towards a sustainable future is accelerating, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to address the challenges of climate change head-on.


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