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We will help decarbonise the aviation industry, faster

Zaffra will produce and deliver Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to enable the aviation sector’s greenhouse gas emission targets and help abate the 2-3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions currently being emitted by the aviation industry.


Zaffra’s access to leading technologies and processes, through our shareholders Sasol and Topsoe, means that our production facilities will be more versatile and flexible in adapting to the evolution of the SAF industry and availability of different low-carbon feedstocks and renewable energy sources.


This means our offer will not only deliver on today’s production needs but will grow and flex to meet future market dynamics, offering a more future-secure supply.

We develop, build, own and operate

We develop, build, own, operate and market sustainable aviation fuels, using non-fossil feedstock, sustainable sources of CO2 and/or biomass, and green hydrogen.


We have access to our shareholder’s class-leading technologies for producing sustainable aviation fuels; Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch (FT) and Topsoe’s related Power-to-X (PtX) and HEFA technology solutions.


Our technologies and end-to-end capabilities, from designing and building, to operating and maintaining production facilities, means we can drive real progress; with fuels that go beyond in reducing carbon emissions, powered by renewable energy and sustainable carbon feedstocks, to accelerate scaling-up of production that meets global demand.

We partner

Sasol and Topsoe have been strategic partners for over 25 years in producing synthetic fuels, and now are joined together in a new commitment to change the course of sustainable aviation fuels, for the better.


We realise that the decarbonisation of an industry requires close collaboration by all involved in the ecosystem. We believe that partnering across the value chain is critical to the success of the SAF industry.


We partner with all stakeholders to help decarbonise the aviation industry, one of the most challenging sectors to make such transformational change. 

We create

We create world-class SAF production facilities through deploying shareholder technology and our end-to-end business development capability.


We create attractive investment opportunities, inviting partners to join our journey to a low-carbon future - where we can create the future, together.

Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Leveraging our combined expertise and technology to produce low-carbon aviation fuel.




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